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Join us to spread the word about Ju'Coby Pittman and the good work she is doing in District 8.

We have all the information you need to know about your polling place and voting information.

Proven leadership on and invested in the community



  • ENGAGE residents in open conversation that yields positive results

  • COLLABORATE with law enforcement, community and neighborhood watch groups to reduce criminal activity

  • EXPAND for success of neighborhood businesses, directly creating jobs and improving the quality of life of our residents


Our community is home to beautiful and unique neighborhoods, businesses, parks and residents.  While growth and resurgence are at the forefront of stability ─ so is neighborhood wealth.  To develop and build upon the assets of Jacksonville, I will commit to address the most critical and urgent issues that matter to you.  I will work diligently to ask tough questions and make informed, sound decisions for economic growth and public safety.  When you cast your vote on May 17, 2015; vote to elect  Ju'Coby Pittman.

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